Christmas fundraising for CCT

CCT supporters might like to consider …

… looking at a site called 
It's easy to set up, won’t cost you a penny and is a way of giving a slice of what you spend to your favourite charity (CCT, of course!).
You simply go to the easyfundraising website, and in the 'Search for a cause' box, type Chagos ... and up will come Chagos Conservation Trust. Then hit the 'Join now' button, choose a password and you're signed up. It costs nothing and all the big sites (Amazon, Ebay, John Lewis, Tesco, most travel agents and insurance companies …) are signed up to it.
Then if, say, you want to buy something from ebay, you need to go to the easyfundraising site and choose ebay from the menu or by typing it in the ‘Search for a retailer’ box. Go ahead and make your purchase; the retailer will donate between 1% and 5% of what you spend to CCT, and you’ll get an email telling you how much you’ve donated. Simples!
OK, it needs 2 minutes of your time to sign up, and one more step when you buy, but it’s a quick way of providing a little extra support for a worthwhile cause.  Give it a try!