BIOT MPA Survey Expedition 2015 - A letter from Nadine after the expedition

A letter from Nadine after the expedition 


This expedition has been an amazing, personal lifetime experience at various levels. Firstly I was thrown into history. I went back thinking about the way of life of the Chagossian families and how happy they must have been on their motherland. My mother was born in Diego Garcia and I have relatives from other parts of the islands. I have had the privilege to visit various atolls and see the ruins and remains around Peros Banhos and Salomon.

An emotional moment rekindled. The exotic beautify of all the islands is worth contemplating. I admired the fauna and flora of wildlife: birds, crabs, coconut trees and shore plants. My thanks to the Trekker Team – Jon and Elizabeth for the patience you showed in letting me explore around whilst you were working hard! 

Also I have accompanied the Catlin Seaview Survey Expedition Team in some aspects of their mission. Paul and Pete took me on my first ever snorkelling dive. Thanks for that unique opportunity that allowed me to witness the magic of corals in the Chagos waters. I wish them all the best for their success in their future work. It was an initiation into the world of corals like acropora, galaxea  and other species.

Furthermore I was speechless to see sea creatures like sharks, dolphins, rays and turtles whilst travelling on the inflatable boat with the crew. It is a special feeling that evoked all my senses to see with the naked eye.

Finally I have encountered great people. It is amazing to see how people who are passionate about their work, go to the wonders of the world – like Chagos – so the planet can have a glimpse and better understanding of it.

(photo courtesy & © Catlin Seaview Survey)


I’m taking with me loads of wonderful pictures to share around this unforgettable experience. I look forward to see more Chagossians to be part of this dream.

Thank you to the organisers, CCT, BIOTA, ZSL the BIOT crew and everybody who in one way or another shared their knowledge and gave a bit of their time.

I am very proud to have taken part in this expedition.




BIOT MPA Survey Expedition 2015