2015 Darwin Science Expedition - Day 3 Barton Point and East Island

Barton Point and East Island



Getting into the science of things. Today the program has really got under way. Everyone’s dive gear is now out and working and the work program has started in earnest. To reel off a few elements of the days work – Charles and Anne have been off replacing temperature loggers, Chris and Gary have started their carbonate budget surveys, John and Ronan have been doing their video transects, Courtney has started her coral surveys, Pete has done island surveys and deployed camera traps and Nick and Shaun have been on islands to collecting samples.



All the boats are up and running now and compressors are firing away keeping our air fresh for scuba.



ARMS processing is going to be one of the more time consuming elements of this expedition.  Catherine, Claudia and Courtney have been really busy in the lab carefully recording all the life found within the monitoring systems. Ronan lent some muscle in collecting the heavy ARMS off the seabed this afternoon.



Claudia’s dive skills have also been progressing well as she entered the water for a second time on this trip. On her dive we saw a beautiful octopus and several Nemo’s.



It has been amazing weather again today. Off Barton Point there was a flat calm and gorgeous sunshine for our dives.


2015 Darwin Science Expedition